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‘S’ and ‘Q’ type structures stringers

snap on and boxed sections

The open section stringers are realized in moulded galvanized steel, have nominal length 600mm, width 28mm. and thickness 1mm.The sections’ heights are 18 mm for the T0018 stringer, or 38 mm. in the case of the T0038 stringer respectively.The TQ018 is a lighter variant of the T0018 stringer, with thickness 0.8mm. The snap on coupling system allows quick installation, but it is still optionally possible to screw the stringers to the head of the pedestals.

The tubular stringers for 'S' structure are available in two versions: T5025 realized with 50x25x1mm boxed section and T2525 realized with 25x25x1mm boxed section and are suitable for supporting heavy loads.

All the stringers are supplied with a specific non-conductive PE gasket with sound dampening and anti-slip function.


stringer (gr) gasket (gr) cm units per package
light stringer, thick. 0,8 mm + gasket TQ018G6 236 19 555x275x170 100
light stringer + gasket T0018G6 236 19 555x275x170 100
medium stringer + gasket
T0038G6 364 19 555x275x170 60
tubular stringer, 25x25x1 sect. + gasket
T2525G13 345 19 555x275x170 60
tubular stringer, 50x25x1 sect. + gasket
T5025G13 566 19 555x275x170 60

*gaskets are packed separately.